Independent tantric masseuse in London – how to spot authenticity


The internet provides an ocean of advertisements for tantric massage practitioners. Sure, being oiled up while listening to flute acoustics will never go out of style—but the fingertips of an amateur do not elicit the same sensations as those of a professional. This raises the question: how are we able to source genuine tantric masseuses in a field of practice as abstract as holistic health? Let’s look beyond the certificates, SEO & ad sponsorships and consider a few alternate signs that point towards an under-the-radar professional.



“Advance bookings only”

 Independent tantric masseuses are high demand and constantly on the move. Their reputation has secured a base of regulars in every country on their tour list, all of whom are willing to work around their timetable. Another factor to consider is the luxury hotels and retreats that book these practitioners for several months during peak season.

Additionally, tantric masseuses spend a substantial part of the year honing their skills, attending advanced training courses and popular events where they can network, learn new techniques, and build upon existing skills.



They are not easy to find

There are two main reasons why independent tantric masseuses are not easy to find. First, due to their regulars, they don’t need to expend energy on drawing in new business. Secondly, they spend a great deal of time alone. Why? To recharge their batteries. Giving a massage in any capacity is not only time-consuming, but it is also physically demanding. Rest intervals—whether long or short—are important so that the tantric masseuse can deliver their best to the next client they visit.

Sufficient breaks in their work schedule prevent the energy of previous clients from overlapping into subsequent sessions. To avoid this, some tantric masseuses work infrequently. They use their free time to meditate and purge any anxiety or energetic baggage they’ve absorbed from a previous client. These types of masseuses tend to request higher fees than the industry standard.



When you do find them, they ask questions

At this stage in their career, money is not a prime motivation. They enjoy delivering the positive influence of tantra and helping others achieve greater harmony within themselves.

Upon introduction, an independent tantric masseuse may ask how you found their number. Later, they will explore what you are looking to achieve during the session. This is similar to a pre-massage client intake form at a health spa. Although a tantric masseuse will not collect detailed information, they will want to identify the reasons a client comes to the session. This is to ensure their style of massage is suitable. So yes, there are preliminary questions, as well as a follow-up conversation to make sure the client gained as much as possible from the session.

It is worth noting that a professional masseuse will avoid speaking during the session. Comfort, posture and breathwork are key areas of focus during the massage—factors that are difficult to manage if either party is talking.


The exclusive nature of many tantric specialists makes them attainable for only a small segment of potential customers. Any new customer they consider is receptive, open to healing, and respectful of the practice. When looking for a genuine tantric masseuse, persistence and patience are key. And lastly, always trust your gut feeling.