Independent tantric massage – the reasons behind scheduling

Truthfully, despite the increase in demand, I only recently considered why more clients are asking for an independent tantric massage. Despite the obvious reasons, I’ll touch upon other motivations below.



An independent tantric massage will help you relax and unwind


It goes without saying that the combination of breath work and meditative touch will subdue even the most restless individuals. The simple act of taking deep, measured breaths can slow a fast-beating heart and soothe a manic mind. For example, a client returns from a drawn-out event, and despite his efforts, his body won’t wind down. Another client may have checked-in after a long-haul flight and cannot fall asleep, an activity much harder than staying awake.

In these instances, it’s helpful to book a tantric masseuse to iron out any creases of tension. Soothing, sensual strokes and considered touch can guide individuals through an associated period of physical readjustment, and executed correctly & respectfully, a tantric masseuse can bring a client to a state of physical and emotional balance. Trust me, it feels good for the masseuse, too!



An independent tantric massage will harmonise your energy field


Although there are many ways to recalibrate your aura, a tantric massage is incredibly useful for adjusting a low energy field. Every person’s aura emits a frequency, ranging from high to low. Those who transmit a high frequency are addictive to be around. They make an hour feel like a minute, yet you look years younger having spent time in their gracious company—as though they speed up time while reversing it. Although this isn’t magic or the inertia twin paradox, it’s something special that you just can’t quite put your finger on. Following a meeting, you feel light and enthused, no matter how tired you were previously. Conversely, people with a low energy field will deplete your reserves, leaving you feeling empty, even irritable.

Whether you walk into a session feeling “light” or “heavy”, a seasoned tantric masseuse will remove energetic blockages and rebalance the flow of energy around the body. The combination of a massage with energy-based healing techniques is known as Tantra Reiki.

Although scientific research on Reiki is growing, it has a long way to go before it can compete with evidence-based medicine. However, this form of energy healing is a wonderfully natural way to lower cortisol levels and restore your normal rhythm.



Independent tantric massage lessons


Although I am not qualified to teach, it has not stopped clients from asking that I run through the basic rituals of a tantric massage. Questions range from what type of oil and candle to purchase, to how and where to apply pressure on the body. Although it helps to have a third person on whom to practice, some rudimentary methods can be passed between two individuals. Speaking of which, I’ll never turn down a massage, even if it is your first time.

Apparently, men and women seek to learn more about this sensual activity to impress present or future love interests. This makes perfect sense since the bonding elements of a massage will bring you closer to your partner than words would at that moment. Drawing from my own experience, it is also an incredible way to break the ice before being intimate with a new partner.



Masseuse vs. masseuse: woman on woman 


There has been a solid rise in peers or female clients requesting an independent tantric massage. Why is that? Firstly, another tantric masseuse is interested to see how similarly or differently I operate to them. My flute-centric soundtrack is accompanied by muffled questions from an industry associate asking where I trained and to what extent. Now and then, they introduce me to practices I never knew existed beyond the peaceful borders of Madhya Pradesh…

The second, more intrinsic, reason is that many straight women enjoy looking at and feeling another woman’s oiled body. Nowadays, it’s more acceptable for women to explore their own pleasures. Therefore, what better way for her to entertain her sexual proclivities than a naked body-to-body massage from another woman? Plus, many girlfriends and wives have requested that I massage them while their partners watch. This type of booking fascinates me because each participant is receiving pleasure from different avenues: watching, receiving, and giving. Each player has their own specific role, and since tantra aims to prevent premature ejaculation, the triad remains in principle if all three withstand the developing climax. The psychological satisfaction derived throughout this act overrides subsequent physical gratification. This is about three individuals connecting intuitively, knowing when to hold back and when to release. Exercising restraint will make any reward all the more worth waiting for.




Returning to the question with which I started this blog, why are more clients booking an independent tantric massage in London? The most common reason is to relax, especially for high-octane individuals. The less obvious objectives are for learning and exploring—activities we should never discontinue.