The rise and rise of the London tantric escort

Tantra is a multi-layered spiritual philosophy that originated in South Asia over 3000 years ago. Elements of this yogic tradition later filtered into Buddhism and Hinduism where monastic universities spread its message globally. One key discipline within the teachings is the art of sacred touch which a tantric escort uses to enhance the quality of her sensual massages.

In this blog, I will briefly explain what a tantric escort is and what to expect from this massage modality. Finally, I will discuss the reasons for its increased popularity and why this combined service is more than just a game for pleasure players.


What is a tantric escort?


In short, a tantric massage escort offers the techniques of tantric therapy—intuitive touch, breath work, prolonged eye contact and ritual—with companionship. A tantric massage focusses on stimulating the entire body, including the genitalia. The warmup is just as important as the cooling down phase; throughout the massage, the touch will remain gentle and grounding.

Escorts who complete their tantric training may compartmentalise their service, offering a tantric massage or companionship. In fact, tantric massage escorts choose to merge both disciplines to offer a more expansive experience.


Tantric massage training


A tantric massage escort has trained in tantra with a reputable organisation or school that offers holistic teaching methods and alternative therapies. Intense training programs will feature coursework and massage sessions, supervised by a qualified instructor. Although theoretical modules can take years to complete, the practical teachings of tantra can be completed in under a year.

During practical sessions, students learn how to identify and stimulate parts of the body that elicit feelings of arousal when touched correctly, otherwise known as erogenous zones. It is worth noting that erogenous zones are stimuli points remote to the genitalia region. The final stages of the learning focus on two distinct yet differentiating massage techniques applied to male or female participants, the Lingam and Yoni massage.


How to prepare for a tantric massage


Over time, the ideology of tantra has adopted multiple belief systems that cannot merge into one doctrine. Given the varying perceptions surrounding this esoteric philosophy and its rituals, a tantric escort should communicate clearly with her client about what to expect during the session. Clients may also wish to discuss their objectives for the session as well as their own personal boundaries. That said, critically assessing any type of holistic therapy can evoke doubt, reinforcing barriers that block a person from receiving pleasure. It turns out that an open mind will dramatically improve your session.

After communication, the next thing to consider is whether you wish to host the masseuse or to visit her. The comfort of the client is most important, and a professional masseuse will prioritise functionality and discretion over opulence. The environment itself should feature clean aesthetics with minimal ornamentation. A large bed will have nothing but towels covering the surface, and the background music will feature soothing acoustics or binaural beats. Low lighting and calm music will provide a framework in which a client feels safe enough to let go and receive pleasure.

If the masseuse has travelled to your private residence or hotel, she will prepare the room with her own amenities. The only props she requires are several clean, fresh towels.  A pre-massage shower is essential for both the client and masseuse; hot water will increase circulation and loosen the muscles, enabling the masseuse to reach deeper muscle tissues.


What to expect with a tantric escort


If you have booked an hour session, expect a full 45 minutes of naked body-to-body massage with generous amounts of oil. Both preparation before the massage and packing up afterward require a quarter of an hour. Although clients can book a tantric escort for several hours, the most popular session lasts for 90 minutes. This ensures that the client has ample time for pleasure processing before a post-massage shower, which can take longer due to oil coverage.

Tantric massage can guide those exploring pleasure in unexpected areas of the body; regions distant from the source of stimulation. For instance, gentle strokes on one part of the body can produce waves of pleasure in seemingly unrelated areas. Perhaps unsurprisingly, individual reactions vary, prompting the masseuse to closely monitor the client’s response to different types of touch. This level of sensitivity requires that the masseuse is fully present and that the client is open to receive. With trust established, both participants will connect, both physically and spiritually.


Why are tantric massage escorts becoming popular?


There are certain key drivers behind the increased demand for tantric massage escorts in London, whether circumstantial or exploratory, the following are several explanations.



The Google search term “sexual wellness” increased by 850% in 2020, indicating a rising interest in improving overall health during lockdown. The hospitality industry is embracing this growing area with more interest applied to tantric, yoga and meditation practices. As a result, luxury wellness retreats have capitalised on the tantric trend, integrating tantric massage into their itineraries since 2024. These locations promote the idea that practicing intimacy and prioritising sexual health improves other areas of our life; the way we socialise, rest, and recover.



As time goes on, the idea of sex as a pleasurable pursuit becomes less stigmatised and, subsequently, more individuals explore their sexual preferences. Lack of sexual adventurousness in years past is one of the biggest regrets for men and women. This has led to more individuals searching for new and exciting experiences. The motivation for new sexual stimuli leads to combining different or similar experiences that a person enjoys, such as a tantric massage woven into the traditional elements of heartfelt companionship.



The intimate encounter of a tantric massage can dissolve existing barriers between couples and improve their sex life. Undoubtedly, it takes confidence to undress in the presence of a stranger and allow yourself to surrender to pleasure. This act of relinquishing control and placing trust in another’s hands is crucial. In a state of mutual comfort, the escort can work her magic while the client indulges in the sensory modulations of his body.

Although the traditional orgasm rarely loses its novelty, climaxing in a new area of the body not only releases energetic blockages, but it also offers mental and physical liberation. The exploration of new erogenous zones prompts a deeper appreciation for the beautiful complexity of the human anatomy. As we reach peak pleasure in areas we previously thought improbable, the realisation dawns that our bodies possess untapped potential. This revelation instills a newfound confidence; we acknowledge our physical capabilities far exceed what we once believed possible.


Connection and Intimacy

‘Connection’—such a loaded word. Despite the fact it means different things to different individuals, one thing is certain: a connection is a feeling that extends beyond vocabulary. Clients looking to connect—even just for an hour—may choose a tantric escort because of her ability to create and support an energy channel where the person in her company feels safe to be themselves. Nevertheless, this does not guarantee intimacy. Intimacy can only be achieved when the client is genuine and engaged in the presence of another. Although both intimacy and a connection can be enjoyed independently, when entwined, the experience is sublime.

Therefore, those searching for a connection and a more holistic approach to intimacy will find what they are looking for with a tantric escort.


Although a tantric massage and escorting represent two distinct services, blending them can create a multidimensional experience. From experiencing new pleasures to building upon your confidence, the joined service can break-down any negative thought patterns you may harbour about your body and increase your capacity to receive love.

Mystery will always keep a person wanting more, and like the secrets embedded in sacred rituals and accompanying texts, we are unlikely to discover everything about our physical, astral and causal bodies. However, we do gain a little more security in knowing that we can and should lift many of the limitations we impose upon ourselves.